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    This is the 2nd module in an introductory series. It provides an overview of leadership skills as described by contemporary authors including Sinek, Godin, Collins, Covey, Clark, Grant, and Peters. Links provide supplementary content. Paired with the other two programs in the introductory series, this will lay a foundation for all other modules. Can be taken alone, if desired.

  • Objectives

    After completing this program, you will be better able to: On completing this program you will be better able to 1) Discuss at least two contemporary “thought leaders” on leadership, 2) Compare the commonalities amongst leadership concepts as articulated by different authors, 3) Reflect on the meaning of the discussed concepts as relevant to learner

  • Accreditation

    This program is designated for 1.2 contact hours of NP CE credit by the Institute for NP Excellence (INPE). INPE is accredited by the American Association of Nurse Practitioners as an Approved Provider of NP continuing education (Provider 130325). Course valid through 8/31/2020. Refer questions to

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